Why You Need To Use SEO Review Tools


Search Engine Optimisation is highly necessary for any business that wants to be part of the competition online. With good SEO, your business can not only land at the top of the search rankings, but also increase traffic and as an effect, increase your sales.

This is why it’s important to make use of various strategies for maximising SEO capabilities. Understanding the numbers and analysing data can take up a lot of time, but luckily, there are many tools out there that can help you in conducting your SEO review. Here are some benefits for using SEO review tools.

  1. Keyword Identification

You may already be able to easily identify the keywords you need for your website or business, but a good SEO tool can scour your online presence and find additional keywords you can use.

  1. Analyse your competition

If you want to know how other businesses similar to yours are doing, SEO tools can track their webs traffic, analyse their rankings, and even check their backlinks.

  1. Keep track of your milestones

You’ve probably set some KPIs for your business. The tools can help you keep track of your objectives, such as click-through-rates, engagement, traffic.

  1. Synthesise your data

It can get daunting to understand the numbers and figures in front of you, so SEO tools can chart them for you and visualise them in a way that makes sense to you.

  1. Saves you time and money

Ultimately, SEO tools can automate your work so you can focus on your business. By conducting a thorough King Kong SEO review, these tools can better highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your online presence so you can fare better than your competitors.


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What To Do If You Are A Victim Of Identity Theft


Because of the increase in identity theft crimes in recent years, Congress passed a law that made identity theft a federal crime. Another law called Theft Penalty Enhancement Act followed to increase penalties for aggravated identity theft with an additional 2 years sentence for general offenses and another 5 years for terrorism-related offenses.

What is identity theft?

Identity theft or identity fraud refers to all types of crimes where a person’s personal data is wrongfully obtained and used for fraud or deception for purposes of economic gain. For example, a person finds your lost wallet that contains important information on your tax records or Social Security numbers and other sensitive information and then uses the information to open a credit card under your name.

The misuse of another person’s identifying information like personal or financial information is considered identity theft. Using the internet to search for personal and financial information is now rampant making it a federal crime. Under the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act, identity theft constitutes a felony under any applicable state or local law.

Victims of identity theft are often clueless until they apply for a loan or when strange charges appear in the credit card billing statements. There are also instances when personal and financial information are revealed through security breaches at banks or companies that you do business with. While prevention is still the best policy, identity theft can happen even to the most prepared individuals.

If your personal and financial information falls into the wrong hands, they can profit at your expense. An identity thief can be investigated and prosecuted by law enforcement and federal agencies but victims do not usually receive restitution for the harm and loss incurred. You can seek help from law enforcement to help make an Identity Theft Report and remove fraudulent debts from your credit card.

You can also seek the assistance of Donich Law for a personal recovery plan. Since identity fraud laws vary from state to state, it is important to seek advice from a lawyer who knows the laws in your state so that you can be absolved from any criminal liability arising from the use of your personal and financial information.

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For Sabri Suby, It’s Not Always About Numbers


In the competitive numbers game of digital marketing, Sabri Suby shows us that building relationships still matter.

It was only seven years ago that Sabri Suby was in his bedroom, working as a one-man team with a $50 investment in his digital marketing agency, King Kong. Having had previous experience in the fast-paced competitive world of SEO, he took his knowledge and experiences and went from nothing to becoming the CEO of Australia’s fastest-growing online marketing agency.

When one thinks about increasing web traffic and customer purchase, graphs, figures, and statistics come to mind. But Suby’s method isn’t just about numbers. Suby focuses on the psychology of buying and selling. He prefers to look into how consumers think and feel and builds his strategies from there. This type of mindset has put him above his competitors and has led to King Kong is one of the most sought-after rising digital marketing agencies in the world today.

Besides getting to know consumers, Suby also values practicing what he preaches. After all, one needs to be an example in order to prove that what they are offering works. Sabri Suby tells Dynamic Business, “What makes us stand head and shoulders above our competition is that we not only guarantee results, we also apply — every single day — the same methodology we teach and implement for our clients.”

Looking past numbers and analytics, brand reputation is best developed through being honest in marketing methods, as well as getting to know consumers and clients. Seeing the growth of King Kong Sabri Suby built from the ground up is proof that anyone who follows these strategies can also experience such victories.

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Cross-Border Trade Can Be Efficient With The Right Paperwork


For any Canadian businessman, being able to tap into the US market is a dream come true. There are many opportunities for new businesses in the Canadian marketplace. The fact is, almost 75% of American online shoppers are interested to shop from Canada. However, cross-border LTL shipping is not child’s play because you have to do everything right.


How does domestic shipping differ from cross-border shipping?


  • Documents – In domestic LTL shipping, all you need are shipping labels. Meanwhile, when your products cross the border, you will be required to present a Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice, and Bill of Lading.
  • Costs – Cross-border shipping is more involved than domestic shipping. There are customs duties, taxes, and tariffs on every item you ship based on its value and quantity. You will be required to declare the origin of your product and you have to pay extra costs of importing goods to another country. If you are the merchant, you have to pay all the taxes and other costs for cross-border shipping.
  • Customs formalities – Domestic shippers do not have any customs formalities to consider. When you ship across the border, custom authorities will want to know the exact nature of your shipment. There are shipping regulations and restrictions based on point of origin and shipping destination.
  • Restricted and limited goods – Every country has a list of banned, restricted, and limited goods. For example, lithium-ion batteries, high-powered magnets, and ivory are restricted internationally. However, do not be surprised if things suddenly change. Something that you have been shipping to customers easily may suddenly be prohibited next week.


In order to avoid delays, it is important to prepare the right documentation for your goods particularly LTL shipments. If the freight shipment suddenly gets chosen for review by the authorities, you will need to be prepared with the proper paperwork otherwise, your shipment can be delayed.


A good customer experience is one of the things that Titan Transline is always ready to provide. They make sure that shipments are delivered on time, every time. They have the right partners that can help in the seamless transport of your goods for a highly competitive price point.

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How Long Is The Life Span Of Customer Reviews?


A steady stream of favourable and authentic reviews from customers create a social proof that can provide consumers with confidence to buy or product or service. Like the tweets on Twitter and Facebook posts, reviews from customers can be used as a powerful tool in the marketing campaign.

According to Google and industry experts, a business’s review count, ratings and review text are strongly considered in organic and local search engine rankings. This means that the more reviews a business gets, the higher will be the ranking in search engines which can lead to significant increases in the conversion rates.

The median lifespan of a Tweet is about 18 minutes. 75% of the first engagement with a Facebook post happens within the first 5 hours. The shelf life of reviews is about 3 months. Reviews that are older than 3 months are no longer considered relevant. A review that was posted by a customer on a third-party review platform 2 weeks ago carries more weight than a tweet or a Facebook post made 2 days ago.

If the business is already engaging with users in social media conversations around the brand, it would be relatively easy to ask for a review. Given the long shelf life of reviews, they can be used as content in your marketing efforts.

You can find king kong marketing reviews on Indeed, a third-party review platform for job listings. Many job seekers read the reviews about the digital marketing agency that provides them with information that they will not find in advertisements.


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Useful Tips When Choosing Bathroom Decor


There are many different accessories that can enhance the look and ambiance of your bathroom. By selecting the right bathroom décor, you can make it look chic, cosy, minimalistic, or glamorous. However, aside from aesthetics, it is important to choose bathroom décor based on functionality. They may differ in material and style but each of them has a certain purpose.

How to choose bathroom décor

Always prepare a budget before you start to shop. There are many stores online that sell different bathroom décor and accessories for an affordable price without compromising quality. When making a list of the things you would like buy, always start with the essentials. Measure the bathroom space carefully so that the new items will fit easily with the existing ones.  Look at the brand before buying an item. There are still products that are truly made in the USA with benefits that go beyond boosting the economy.

Free-standing vs. fixed bathroom accessories

There are soap dispensers and toothbrush holders that require installation but they usually lost longer because they are subjected to less wear. Drilled-in accessories will require holes in the bathroom but they are more secure than accessories with the suction cup. Meanwhile, free-standing accessories can be placed in any space you desire. You can move them around to provide space for other accessories; however, they will require more cleaning and maintenance.

How to choose the material of your bathroom décor

Bathroom décor and accessories are usually made from ceramic, plastic, and stainless steel. Plastic is a low-end material mostly used for free-standing décor placed around bathtubs and sinks. Stainless steel can be pretty expensive but it more durable, resistant, and has a longer usable life. Ceramics are easy to clean but it is breakable. It is worth investing in bathroom décor made from sturdy material to avoid frequent replacements.

There is nothing like being able to change the look of your bathroom through individually designed and crafted in America bath décor. Each item is fully customized to make it unique to you and you only. Each item is crafted in the United States and not imported from countries in Asia.

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