A Closer Look At Clever Internet Marketing’s Website

Clever Internet Marketing found at www.greentie.com has a very sophisticated looking website. The first thing you’ll notice when you go to their website page is a slide of the different services they’re offering. What grabbed my attention are the different pictures of gadgets like the laptop computers, a tablet PC and a cell phone showing how the client’s webpage would look like when searched from these devices. As you scroll down, you’ll see the list of the services they’re offering with a short description. The hyperlinks are easy to read and direct you to a page showing a more detailed description of their services. Under the hyperlinks for the website design and email marketing are sample website design layouts from their recent projects. These sample layouts are in a form of pictures which when clicked will pop a screenshot of the website.


Clever Internet Marketing is a website design firm as well as a marketing and lead generation company. The website design echoes sophistication, professionalism and reliability. The white background maintains the simplicity of the site while also making it looking sleek. The company name as well as their office number remains at the top of every page. They also have a section for prospect clients’ concern on every page. This makes me feel that the company is always ready to answer any concerns I have which adds up to its reliability.

At the bottom of the website is a section that shows the company logo and contact info as well as a number for project estimation. It also shows the navigation tabs and allows you to connect to either three of the top social media networks – Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Also included at the bottom are the company’s map with hyperlinks to a wiki page and a testimonial section. However, upon clicking the hyperlinks in the map it directed me to the same wiki page for web design. Upon clicking the testimonial section, it took me to the Linkedin login page when I was expecting to see more testimonials.

Despite those, I find the website pleasing and elegant. From start to finish it delivers that sophisticated look that makes it very business-like and professional. It is easy to navigate, easily read and costumer-feedback oriented.

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