A Critique On Ororagroup.com

First Impression

The Homepage of www.ororagroup.com has all the elements of an outstanding website design. The web designer has certainly made an effort to ensure that the site will attract traffic, educate visitors and convert them into buyers. The most important item in web design which is to create an identity for the site has been successfully accomplished. The site is introduced to potential customers through a strong sense of company brand. The design is simple without clutter but it manages to bring out credibility. There is an abundance of white space with call-to-action buttons clearly emphasized. My first impression is a highly credible website with relevant information on its products as well as the people behind the company.



Its navigation is presented through buttons that you can easily click on to arrive at your intended destination. There is no question or confusion about the product that is being offered with the comprehensive amount of information provided. A click on the button that says products and services will lead you right to the different packaging products offered for industries and households. The different locations of the company are provided as well the corresponding telephone numbers and fax numbers listed by country.


There is not overcomplicated content and color scheme that can distract a visitor. The web designer has made use of white space with a striking visual balance between white and bold colors with the right images that clearly indicates what the product the website is offering to its visitors. The information is very relevant but what has caught my attention was the company’s approach to optimal packaging that has been shared to its audience. Not many websites have made efforts to share a whole lot of information to its audiences as well as its competitors. However, it is very noticeable that content had humans in mind and not the spiders of search engines. Each piece of content that has been produced is indicative of the company brand and reinforces its professional expertise in the packaging industry. Visual content does a great job of attracting the attention of visitors because it facilitates readability. Anyone who is searching for credible information has to lot to learn from the website.

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