Four Essential Elements That Should Be Present In The Website Of Electrical Business


Advertising for products and services online has become a necessity for the success of business. Majority of the people use their mobiles and tablets to search for the products and services. Hence it has become crucial for businesses to have a well-designed website that attracts viewers and turns them into customers of the company.

If you are an electrician in Wynnum and are looking to build a website to advertise your business, here are some essential items that must feature in your website.

Contact information

The website should have the address and contact information of the company. The numbers, email and address provided in the website should be accurate and updated from time to time. The contact information should be ideally placed on the top and bottom of the page. For example,, the website of Bevan Robinson electrical, an electric consultant company in Wynnum has the contact number of the company right on top of the page. The number is easily noticeable to the viewers. The website also provides the entire contact information of the company, contact numbers, email, working hours and the google location of the office at the bottom of the page. Their website also has links to the other social media pages of the company.

Portfolio of the company

The website should have an up-to-date portfolio of the projects completed by the company. High quality images and videos are very helpful in showcasing the different completed projects. The website should showcase the different services offered by the electrical company and the projects completed till date. Portfolio of the company is the most visited section by the visitors and hence it is very important for electrician in Wynnum, to have an updated portfolio on their websites.

The website design should be modern and adaptable

It is essential to have a modern and responsive website that stands apart from the competitors. Since majority of the visitors use mobiles and tablets to search the internet, a highly responsive design helps to grab their attention. A modern and simple design attracts the viewers and reduces the bounce rate.

History of the company

The website is the first point of contact between the viewers and the business. Hence the website should contain brief history of the company and its founders. For example,, the website of electrician in Wynnum Company has a brief explanation about the history of the company and the experience of the company in different industries.



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