Three Essential Components Of A Successful Financial Services Website


Financial services is a highly complicated topic and most of the viewers find it intimidating to visit a financial services website. Hence, it is critical for financial service companies to design a customer driven website that communicates well with the viewers. A well-designed website portrays a professional image of the company and is highly effective in converting the visitors into prospective clients of the business.

Here are some of the essential components for a financial services business websites. The points are explained in context to, the website of a company that provides financial advice online for people in Australia.

Easy to navigate

The website should have a simple design and should be easy to navigate. It should be able to connect with the customers by recognising their needs and providing solutions. The financial services websites have a niche audience, who have specific needs and requirements, hence the website should focus on identifying them and addressing the issues. The call-to-actions should resonate with the target audience and entice them to engage with the company. The website of Plenty financial services, is a good example of a perfect financial services website. The layout is simple with minimum text and informative videos.

Well researched content

Content is the main component of a website, which helps it to connect with the viewers. The content of a financial services website should be authoritative and well-researched. Companies should provide up-to-date information and apt financial advice online that inspires the viewers. The content should be key word rich so that customers can easily find the company on search engines. The content should be updated regularly and must be easy to understand even for the beginners. Using jargon and complicated language may scare the viewers.

Images and videos

Since financial planning is a complicated topic, the website of financial services companies should use high quality image and explanatory videos to connect with the audience. The videos should be interesting and make it easy for the viewers to understand the different concepts of financial planning. For example,, the website of a company that offers financial advice online, uses infographics, pictures and explanatory videos to explain the viewers about the importance of financial planning and the advantages of engaging with the company.

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