Tips To Make A Website Effective


A website is an important component of internet marketing strategy of a business. A well-designed and professional website helps the business to attract viewers and convert them into prospective clients. In order to be effective, a website should be able to attract viewers and engage with them so that they become loyal followers and recommend the site to others.

Here are some essential elements that are required to make a website effective and successful. The tips are explained with reference to, a company that offers different cleaning services like, carpet cleaning in Perth, upholstery cleaning and tile cleaning.

Fast to load

Fast loading speed is critical for the success of a website. The website should load within four to six seconds in order to be effective. Viewers turn to competitor’s websites, if the website of a business takes time to load. The website of Breathe Easy Carpet care, loads instantly as soon we type the URL. Faster loading times help the business to gain maximum number of visitors, who can become clients in the future.

Relevant content

Online viewers skim the content on webpages. The content on a webpage should be apt and provide the appropriate amount of information to the viewers. The posts should not be too lengthy nor should they be too short. The content should be able to provide the viewers with the right amount of information on a desired topic, with the option to go further into the website to learn more on the topic. The website of Breathe easy,, is a perfect example of a website with the right content. The homepage of the website has content related to different topics like the services provided by the company, brief profile of the company, contact info etc. with a Learn more tab for each category.

Attractive colours

Using attractive colours makes the website appear pleasing to the eye. Visitors tend to spend more time on the site, if it is visually appealing. Designers should also keep in mind that different colours have different meanings and should carefully select a colour palette for the website. For example, the website of Breathe Easy, a carpet cleaning in Perth Company has a pleasant colour scheme. The background colour white perfectly contrasts the black colour used for content. This makes the content legible and the website pleasing.

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