Web Design Critique: All Trees Perth


We are going to look at a Perth tree service company’s website today. This website is owned by All Trees Pert and located at www.alltreesperth.com.au.

About All Trees Perth

The company is based in Perth, Australia and offers various tree services such as pruning, hedging, removal and stump grinding. They are servicing to both domestic consumers and commercial establishments. They have specialized equipment to perform these tasks like wood chipper, stump grinder and stihl power tools.

First Impression

The website is good from the first look. It is not a generic website which is usual for some local businesses. There are interesting features such as the animated banner image and the embedded video. Visitors will easily know what the company is all about and what they do. There is also complete contact information provided. These are essential for a business in order to gain more clients.

Thereare only two things they need to improve. First is to add a wow factor in the home page and second is to reduce the amount of texts. They can still introduce their company and what they do in brief sentences. Not everyone is inclined to read more than two paragraphs of texts.


The entire website has six pages – About Us, Services, Equipment, Gallery, FAQs and Contact Us. About Us is divided into four subpages including blog, customer focus, experienced and professional and insurance & safety. The services menu lists down all eleven services they offer. Equipment page has three subpages. All of these pages and subpages follow the same color scheme and typography.

Typography and Colors

The entire website uses only basic and easy to read fonts. They are also the perfect size for reading. The color scheme, on the other hand, follows that of the logo. The colors green and black are quite bold and aim to capture the attention of the readers. The green is particularly used in essential features such as the contact information and the call to action buttons such as “Get Free Quote”. This will surely encourage readers to interact and inquire about Perth tree service.

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