Web Design Critique: Family Funeral Services

Web Design Critique: Family Funeral Services

When looking for someone to handle a funeral service in Sydney, most people tend to look for someone who they think can handle the responsibility of ensuring a respectful ceremony for the duly departed. Family Funeral Services knows that, and their site shows it, but there’s a major issue that their site also clearly displays.

The site sports a straightforward white background, with some powder blue to give it that calm, welcoming, but also clean feel, which is a smart move. As for layout, it’s sports a straightforward, header, image, content, footer setup, which means that navigating through the site is simple, and doesn’t require going through many hoops.

Content is primarily text, with several paragraphs detailing what the company can offer to its customers. It’s an excellent show, if somewhat standard for anyone handling a funeral service in Sydney, but it also takes its time to address the visitors to the site, and potential clients, in a personal manner, which feels rather sincere and amiable. It feels a bit too short at times, but that’s still better than being an overly verbose wall of text.

For those interested in contacting the funeral home, the provider’s Facebook page and phone number will always greet them at the top of every page, with an additional link to affiliates and an extra link to their Facebook page at the bottom of every page.

Now, if there’s something that this critique has pointed out, it’s how straightforward and standard the site is. The most notable thing about the funeral home’s site is that there’s nothing notable about it.

There’s only two images for the header, and there’s no images used to compliment the text content, save for the blog posts, making most of the pages seem rather bland and barren in comparison. It also makes the text seem uninteresting, which it isn’t, for the most part.

The header doesn’t stick to the top of the browser, while the footer doesn’t have a link to the top of the page, or links to the other pages, which makes navigation somewhat troublesome at times. That being said, the site’s pages aren’t really that big, so that isn’t too noticeable, though that may be damning the site by faint praise.

The Testimonials bar only has one testimonial, dated August 2012. It’s a good testimonial, make no mistake, but those staff members might no longer be with the company.

There’s nothing wrong with the site’s design and layout, but there’s nothing really great about it either. It clearly needs to be updated, and prettied-up a bit, without sacrificing the straightforward and effective layout of its current iteration.

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