Web Design Critique: Games-Cheap.net


With a name like Games-Cheap.net, it’d be hard to mistake it as anything other than a place to buy cheap games on the internet. A straightforward name, with an equally straightforward site; one that wastes no time letting visitors get to what they want:games.

First off, the header gives all the information that people want: Currency options (though there are only two of them), Game Categories, Sale Offers, Visitors Wishlist, Contact Info and Privacy Policy. There is, however, a notable lack of Log In or Account options. Fairly strange for a cheap games sales site, especially since the sites it lists as cooperating with, PSNGames, Green Man Gaming, etc. all have log in options.

The site features a black, orange and white color scheme, with white text on black backgrounds, while the highlighted information, like the prices of the games themselves, are marked with orange text. It helps them stand out. In terms of visual presentation, the site does well, even if it does come across as somewhat bland at times.

Another thing worth noting is that all the games noted are always marked by the word “Cheap”. It feels somewhat redundant at times, as the whole site markets itself as a cheap games retailer; there isn’t really a point in marking every category as “Cheap (Genre)”.

If a visitor clicks on a game, they’ll be taken to a page describing the game itself, which compares prices, as well as showing the trailer of the game itself. This is great marketing, as it lets people see what the cheap games are like, giving them an idea of what they might be buying. A smart option, though one that could be served better with gameplay videos and screenshots, as trailers do have a tendency to obscure key information, if not outright lie. A good example of this issue is with the site’s page for XCOM 2, a November 2016 release. It’s not hard to find another video, one with gameplay, to show off the product.

When it comes categories, the games and products listed fall under the following: Action, Adventure, First Person Shooter (FPS),Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), Prepaid Game Cards, Racing, Role Playing, Simulation, Software CD & License Keys, Sport, Strategy. The selection’s a little lacking, missing out Fighting games, among other things.

There’s also some issue with the written content.  Typos aren’t too common, but they’re still too many to not be noted, especially since some of them involve the titles of the games themselves; for example, it’s Project CARS 2 (listed as Project cars 2), and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (the subtitle is listed on the site in lowercase).

Speaking of The New Colossus, it’s erroneously listed under the MMORPG category, which it most certainly isn’t. This is an egregious error, given that no Wolfenstein title has ever been an MMORPG; they’ve primarily been narrative-heavy first person shooters.

All in all, the site has good visual presentation, with a clean, clear scheme, though the text, the information, and the additional content and information could very much use some streamlining.

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