Web Design Critique: Greenfields Funerals


This website critique will be on a funerals website called Greenfields Funerals. Before getting into the actual critique of the website itself we will touch upon the purpose and aims of the company. This company or funeral management agency consists of funeral directors in Perth who offer services such as cremation or burial depending on the client’s requests. They also provide services to turn the ashes into jewellery or urns to keep the loved ones close to the heart. To facilitate burials, they have a wide range of caskets for the clients to choose from. No onto the website itself.

  • Design: The design methodology used by this website is rather simple. The colours used imply autumn shades, with a dull green header ad a black background for the rest of the website. These autumn shades actually repeat themselves as explained later on. There are a few dynamic elements on the page. One is the slideshow consisting of about 5 or 6 pictures. Fear not, because these pictures are not of dead people or caskets. Instead these are pictures that soothe the wounded souls of the clients who come to visit the page looking for funeral services. This is where the autumn shades reappear, and here it serves as an ointment to heal virtual wounds. Apart from this there are also a couple of images at the bottom which serve as links. The saying “Pictures speak louder than words” is exemplified here as these visual elements serve as easy waypoints for new customers and clients.
  • Navigation: The website is a rather shallow website as required for funeral directors in Perth, without too many hyperlinks leading deeper in. At the top of the homepage there are links to the “About Us”, “Caskets & Coffins”, “Urns &jewellery”, “Prepaid funerals”, “Contact us” and “Store” pages. Upon clicking on any of these links, the top portion of the website remains unchanged, and so it is easy to navigate to the other pages easily. There are also a couple of links at the bottom of the page. As discussed before, the picture elements also act as links to certain webpages on the website.
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