Web Design Critique: https://www.illustratedmaps.com/services_InteractiveMap.html


Anyone who has seen the illustrated maps of Maria Rabinky will be interested to view the website. One of the most-viewed pages is the FAQ page that allows the visitor to quickly find the answers to the questions about illustrative maps or Maria Rabinky. The FAQ page also serves another important purpose which is SEO.

The FAQ page is simple and functional in approach. Content can be read and easily understood because of the lack of clutter. The page provides a broad range of information that drives internal page views to the other important pages. It supports quick access to information without the need to scroll and scroll making it effective for a mobile-first experience.

A good FAQ page can lighten the load for help desks and customer support. Things that are important to the visitor have been eliminated and what is left are the real questions that visitors want answers to. The questions are categorized according to what users will ask through direct calls or emails.

Visitors can easily find the FAQ page when they click on services in the navigation menu. The section is separated from the rest of the website layout by a different colour. The use of a different colour makes the link standout for visitors who are checking the navigation menu for important links.

Since the FAQ page is generally text-based, readability is very important. The use of contrasting colours makes the page more effective. One of the things that will catch a visitor’s attention is the example of an interactive map where features can be amplified. Another example of a 2D illustrative map can be found near the bottom of the page to show the visitor how way-finding can be accomplished. The picture is worth a thousand words and the web designer did not hesitate to use them.

The FAQ page is divided into different categories with each of them described in detail to make search easier. The generous use of white space makes the text easy on the eyes. Questions are distinguished from answers through colour and font size making it convenient for visitors. The layout of the FAQ page is consistent with the other pages.

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