Web Design Critique: Landscapia

About Landscapia

Landscapia is a company that offers products and services for artificial lawns and landscapes. It boasts a low-maintenance yet safe gardens for people who have kids and pets. The company is local to Birmingham and Halesowen.


First Impressions

The website theme gives off a feeling of being in a garden. The header is perfect and the grass image above the pages is a perfect prop. The website looks very clean and very simple. It is well-organized and clutter-free. The icon used, as well as the text, for the company is very professional looking – crisp and no drama.

Customers can easily see the number to contact if they want to hire the services. There are only four pages – Home, Grass, Projects and Contact.

The Header

Since Landscapia’s aim is to provide artificial lawns that are safe for kids and pets then the header could use a little change. It is great but it would be perfect if kids are also in the image since that is the asset of the business – providing safe lawns for kids and pets. Customers with children can visualize their kids playing on the lawn and gives a feeling of authenticity because let’s face it – there are parents who are very meticulous when it comes to their kids – which is a great thing.

The Good

The free installation estimate is perfect for those customers who are interested but not sure if the budget will allow. The steps provided make things easier for them. The badges of certification and safe trading are an added plus for those customers who have never heard of the company name. The online world is invaded by the fake and scams recently thereby proving these badges important in a business site.

There is a contact form at the bottom of the page for prospect customers who have questions or enquiries.

Needs Improvement

There are only two things that need to be fixed. First, the font need not be BOLD and the font style is not very good for reading. The font size is perfect but it needs a simpler and more business-like font style.

Second, the client’s testimony “table” looks very dull. A star rating would look good rather than a plain number 10 and changing the gray background would be better.

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