Web Design Critique: Pro Removalists Sydney


One of the many removalists in Sydney having a name of Pro Removalists Sydney certainly sends a clear message to its customers and its competition. What that message is, is up to interpretation, but the company’s website can certainly offer some insight on the matter.

Pro Removalists Sydney, as the name implies, is one of the many removalists in Sydney, and, like any other business, has a site that acts as its online persona. And its persona is certainly one for convenience, as the first thing that visitors to the site will see.

The first thing in the site, regardless of whatever page the visitor is on, is a little header that acts as the site’s primary navigation tool. It contains fields for information submitted for a free quote, a slideshow representing the company, as well as links to the subpages, which has the things you would expect from a removalist company; packing, planning, about us, contact info, etc. Something worth noting about the slideshow, there’s an issue with the spelling in one of the images in the slideshow, it should either be ‘advice’ or ‘advising’.

This navigation tool is very convenient, with links to the other pages, as well as letting you getting a quotes whichever page the visitor is in. It’s also always at the top, so visitors don’t need to scroll down, and they also don’t have to worry about having to scroll back in case they misclick. This navigation tool is the most convenient aspect of the site, which means that it’s nice to have it at the ready at all time.

Moving on, the site features a blue and orange colour scheme backed up by a white background. The contrasting colours highlight each other well against their plain white surroundings, and the occasional use of white text on coloured text boxes work well for grabbing attention.

The main page is full to the brim with content; services offered, information about the company and its services, followed by customer reviews, then another ‘about us’ tidbit from the company’s POV, followed by reviews, followed by a video detailing the company, and then, finally, contact information.

This comes across as overbearing, and feels like they just crammed everything into the main page with no regard for the other pages, which, given the amount of stuff in the other pages, is a safe assumption. Let’s take the ‘Packing’ page, for example, which is one of the lengthier pages. 7 Paragraphs, discussion packing, no images too. The main page not only has far more paragraphs, it also has more images.

The site feels imbalanced, with all of the good stuff on the home page. First impressions are good and all, but there’s so much in the home page in comparison to the rest that it feels like the site gambled all of its goods into the front page to the detriment of everything else.

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