Web Design Critique: Solitaire Bangkok


It doesn’t matter whether it’s a 4 star hotel in Bangkok or a electronics company, having a good company site is a must in the modern age.

Solitaire Hotel Bangkok got the message, with a well-designed site that presents the brand quite well. In some ways, however,  it feels over-presented.

When it comes to navigation, the main menu with links to pages in the site is always on top of the page, even if the visitor scrolls down, which is quite convenient. This menu has links to rooms, promos, restaurants, as well as gallery and additional contact information for the hotel; additional, in that the site helpfully lists the hotel’s telephone number, rough address, as well as account control and booking options at the top of the page alongside the hotel’s logo. Additionally, visitors to the site can book anytime they want, as the booking interface is always at the bottom of the page, moving as the browser scrolls.

Speaking of the hotel’s logo, its colour scheme, gold and dark grey on white, is the colour scheme that the site sports throughout, something it adheres to quite nicely, though the dark grey text would probably work better if it was actually black.

As mentioned before, the site is well-presented, with lots of pictures and other visual aids that help give visitors to the site a good idea of what the hotel’s actually like and what services it has on offer. There’s a few videos and a 3D space viewer, so there’s a fair amount of scrolling down needed. Naturally, the pages can take a while for particularly slow network connections, thanks to all the content.

The text itself is concise and straight to the point, wasting little time with superfluous details and discussing the hotel and why people should stay there, showing how much the site thrives on its presentation.  Even links that lead to additional information about specific services or locations in the hotel tend to prefer short sentences and minimal text.

All in all, the site is well-designed, excellently structured, and well done, though it does come across as over-done in certain ways, which makes it feel a tad imbalanced in its structure. Any 4 star hotel in Bangkok should try to impress potential customers, but there is such a thing as trying too hard.

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