A Web Design Critique On grahampackaging.com

First Impression

It is very evident that the designer of this website has optimized all available tools in web design as well as his own creativity. The page loads very quickly and has a very eye catching and appealing landing page. The site used a lot of colors but it is well organized and the objective is very apparent from the beginning. The website consists of all the professional standards of how a business website should look. Content is well displayed in places where they are supposed to be. Information is more than adequate and you can easily click through the other buttons to take you to where you want to go next. All the links have informative content and it makes you want to continue reading additional information that has been provided. My first impression of the site, it is overwhelmingly excellent.



The web designer has made sure that navigation is user friendly. There is site navigation on all pages and the links on the navigation bar are grouped logically. Essential information can be easily navigated and you do not have to click back and forth through the pages because the menu is located in the same place on every page. For example, if you click at packaging solutions, you will see the menu at the lower portion of the page and you needn’t click back to go to technology and innovations. From the images on the pages, you can easily get a sense on what the website is all about. The website offers more than just ordinary packaging; it is proud of its innovations and packaging solutions which are highly evident in present day consumer environment.


Content is relevant, meaningful and useful for its target audience. Content is presented in an organized process with photographs, diagrams and text. If you will make an effort to read some of the text, you will be convinced of its reliability and accuracy. Content is current and is able to satisfy the needs of a user for information. On the other hand, design is significantly appropriate for its target audience. The layout is balanced, simple and clean without any necessary clutter that makes some websites confusing.

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