What You Get From A Wedding Marquee Hire In Melbourne


One of the latest trends for wedding venues is having the reception done at their backyard. Many couples choose a marquee hire in Melbourne to celebrate their reception in the home garden or perhaps at their parent’s house. It keeps the costs down and make memories, especially if you have purchased the property together, or could be the house you grew up with. It brings importance to such joyous occasion.

The Benefits One Gets from a Wedding Marquee Hire

A blank canvas for your wedding theme and decorations are the reasons why you choose a marquee hire in Melbourne for your wedding. You can provide your own style and decorate the wedding venue as what you plan. You can have your own lighting and patterned drapes to provide a venue of your dreams.

Wedding marquees can come in different sizes, so long as it will fit your garden, and you choose the right size for the reception. To make the marquee size ideal for your guests, you need to have a head count and make it fit appropriately for all your guests. A marquee hire in Melbourne can help you decide what marquees you need to fit all your guests. So, ensure you have arrangements with them in advance.

Comparing marquee hire is relatively cheaper than hiring a venue. Considering your garden as your venue, you save a lot than having a reception venue in other places. You also get to choose the caterers and entertainment for the location; hence, you save a lot of your money on food and beverages.

Why Not Prefer a Wedding Marquee Hire?

A marquee hire can be best during spring or autumn when the weather is cooler. It’s also the most expensive season for hiring a marquee. If you had to hold a wedding in winter or summer, you need equipment to provide cooling or heating, and will also need flooring to make the guests comfortable.

If you prefer a marquee hire in Melbourne, you will also need other facilities like some tables, chairs, tableware, a stage, dance floor, sound system, lighting, power supply and guest toilets.

If you have a backyard marquee wedding, the venue can leave a whole lot of mess that needs to be cleared up. If you have it at your garden, you need a bit of cleaning and tidying before the marquees are dismantled by the supplier.

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